New Campus Art Installation Generates Controversy

By Versace McClendon

It's a true master-piece-of-trash!

From the iron bracelets near Boggs to the installation outside Woldenberg entitled Just Random-Ass Words, Tulane has enjoyed a rather dull career in the world of public art. However, an avant-garde exhibit popped up last night that has knocked the berets right off the art community’s heads, and boy is it biting.

The installation depicts the current state of popular media as just a heap of recycled material. Gone are the days of real breaking news, where some things were trash and others treasures. Say hello to Recycled Sensationalized Garbage:

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 3.27.16 PM.png

Eager throngs lined up early this morning to get a selfie with the new installation. When we asked a loitering girl with a nose ring about what she thought, she said “Yeah man, it’s like everything is either fake news or recycled news. And at least fake news makes you laugh.”

One British exchange student, Bartholomew Thornberry, said “This is absolute rubbish. But I mean that in a bloody good way.”

Vincent Picasso, the head of the studio art department, also had a few words to say on the matter. “What is really quite remarkable about this piece is how unremarkable it is,” he said. “It manages to subliminally capture the extraordinary in the mundane. It blends into the surroundings so well that I almost thought it was just another recycling bin—that, my friends, is true art.”

The mastermind behind the piece is still shrouded in a veil of mystery. Certain Tulanians suspect that locally-famous graffiti artist "ACHOO" is behind it all, while others are convinced it’s a new Banksy.

The piece has already generated its share of controversy, as all great art does. A full scale riot broke out this afternoon when a janitor attempted to take out the recycling bin, mistaking it for a run-of-the-mill can. The worker’s only comment towards the entire ordeal was, “fuckin’ hipsters.”

Despite the controversy, Public Art Installation has decided to turn Mac Mart into a souvenir shop to capitalize on the recent fame. Proceeds will go towards the administrations' plan for the installation of a new statue right in between the testicle statue next to Gibson Hall. It will, as he put it, “put the final touch on a work of art that has been waiting twenty years to finish. Uh, I mean, to reach completion.”

The piece will begin a worldwide tour on April 3 and is scheduled to be exhibited in the MoMA in early 2018. Stop by the installation while you still can.

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