Tulane x Brandless for International Women’s Day: Free Brandless Tampons and Panty Liners!

By Zoe Barr

Democratizing Access to Better Feminine Care and Talking about Womanhood

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Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. First observed in 1909, International Women’s Day commemorates the women’s rights movement and celebrates the beauty and power of womanhood. The day honors the distance traveled towards gender equality while empowering us for the battles that still remain to be fought.

For many women across the world, part of the experience of womanhood is menstruation. (Of course, menstruation does not define womanhood nor do I mean to suggest that one cannot identify as a woman without menstruation.) But menstruation is something that almost half of the population experiences and the reason any of us are here in the first place. Why, then, are there still so many stigmas surrounding menstruation and access to feminine care?

Why are feminine hygiene products like tampons and pads, necessities for anyone with a period, still taxed as non-basic necessities?

Some would argue that these regulations are discriminatory towards women, and there is much debate over where the line for taxable toiletries and nontaxable medical necessities lies. What’s a woman to do?

In comes Brandless, a new company with the goal of making high quality everyday essentials for fairer prices and with less harmful chemicals. That means non-GMO food, clean and cruelty free beauty products, home goods like compostable tablewear and EPA Safer Choice Certified cleaning products, tampons made with 100% organic cotton where it counts, and more.


All 250+ of their items are sold exclusively through brandless.com and their assortment is growing all the time. And everything is only $3. Brandless’ mission is to democratize access to quality goods, to reimagine what our everyday products look like and improve our experience with them. Brandless wants to bring us better products that contain “just what matters” and to make them accessible to far more people. Pretty awesome. In addition, they partner with Feeding America to donate a meal to someone facing hunger in the US every time you check out on the site.

This International Women’s Day, Tulane is teaming up with Brandless to give away hundreds of boxes of their cruelty free cotton tampons and panty-liners (made with 100% organic cotton, with zero dyes or fragrances) for free on McAlister.

(Yes, you read that right.) There will be a photo station and volunteers present to facilitate discussions on what makes you, as a female-identifying person, feel loved and cared for. The purpose of this event is to promote female self-love and self-care. Brandless hopes that by giving you access to high-quality feminine hygiene products, removing the negative stigma surrounding periods, and normalizing conversations about self-love and women’s health, you will feel especially cared for this Women’s Day.

So come one, come all, period or no period. Come grab some tampons and pads for yourself or for a friend or loved one. Take a minute to engage in a conversation about women’s health or let us know what makes you feel cared for. And remember to celebrate your womanhood, whatever that may mean to you, and continue the campaign for equal access to female health care today on Women’s Day and every day.