What the Hell is The Rival Tulane?

By Jordan Selesnick

A message from our directors

Hello there Tulane University. It’s us. Your savior from the deep waters of the green wave, here to free you from the infinite echo chamber that is current campus media. Take this life vest so we can swim out of the murky river together.

But seriously. We are the newest publication at Tulane and our goal is to bring you all the freshest news by students, for students. What we care about is locality. We will combine the amazing intellect that Tulane students bring to the table with the unique culture of New Orleans. Our articles will dance to the songs of politics, culture, and of course, satire. The result? News that relates to you.


So, where the hell did The Rival come from?

The Rival is a startup created in 2014 by two ambitious undergrads at George Washington University who were sick of the restrictions that traditional on-campus media laid on its students. Many articles produced via campus media are forced to refrain from university criticism because their budget comes directly from their school. The Rival was created to solve this problem.

Our independence puts agency directly into the hands of the students, allowing our team to pursue topics that question the university instead of perpetuating ideals of the administration. Pushing boundaries is what we do best.

As one of our founders, Josh Strupp, puts it, “we are not here to displace your traditional campus publications. We're not even here to compete with The Odyssey Online or The Tab. We don't claim that everything we produce is journalism. Instead, we’re bringing together a community of diverse minds to meet and speak in an authentic manner on subjects they actually care about.”

So get ready to participate in this new space we have created.

Our team of writers, editors, and strategists are here to engage with the community. That means responding to comments, hosting events, making sure that we are covering topics that students care about, and encouraging people to submit articles and get their voice heard. Keep up with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat (@therivaltulane).

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact one of our Directors.

Ready to join? We’re always looking for new perspectives, so if you want to apply give me a click.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Jordan Selesnick (Managing Editor) & Charlotte Anderer (Director of Communications)

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