Where the Real Party is at this Weekend

By Eli Kemp

Buku 2018 is going to be absolutely lit

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 5.09.51 PM.png

I don’t care what house party or Greek formal or crazy bar you are going to. The biggest party in New Orleans this weekend is at Buku Music Festival, where acts such as Migos, Sza, Bassnectar and MGMT will be throwin’ it down heavy.

If you already have tickets, well done. If you still need a one or two day pass, buy it here.

Buku is an awesome experience and is the only must-see electronic music festival in New Orleans.

But too many kids get too drunk or high to enjoy it right, and others fuck up by not having the right preparation for relaxation.

Here is your guide for how-to-Buku (have fun, don’t die):

Setting - Understand that Buku takes place in warehouses and parking lots. Wear comfy shoes! The ground is hard and mean, so don't wear heels. Don’t get stupid drunk! There are not many cozy places to sit and congregate, and getting too drunk early could cause you to have a shitty night. Don’t trip super hard! This is not a nature wonderland with butterflies and zebras and fairy tales. This is a concrete jungle with hard corners, crowded halls and trappy hypermasculinity. Stages are fairly close together, so you shouldn’t have to walk more than five or ten minutes to switch between acts.

Security - Standing in line for music festivals is always an unnerving experience, so let me tell you exactly how Buku security will be. You’ll have to wait in a big-ass line for about 15 minutes, and then there are a dozen or so booths where security will search your bags thoroughly and pat you down lightly. If you bring illicit items, stick them in your waistline, crotch area or bra. If you want to bring a flask, which is difficult but doable, stick it in your crotch because they definitely pat down your hips and pockets. Once you're inside, lots of people are smoking cigarettes and joints and even more people look like they are on molly and/or acid (especially at the electronic acts).

Drugs - If you do drugs, make sure they are legit. The best way to do this is other than buying a test kit is to trust the person supplying you with the drugs. DO NOT buy drugs from someone who you barely know or who seems shady. This seems obvious, but drugs can be hard to find and sometimes the sketchy acid head your friend met in Audubon is the only guy you know. If you wanna do drugs, find someone who is trustworthy and make sure they verbally confirm that the drugs are good. Remember that music festivals can be awesome without drugs and that drug use can go poorly and ruin your night.

Hookups - Be flirtatious but not creepy. For those of you looking to dance with people and maybe even make out with someone you meet on the dance floor, follow the rules of festival hookup etiquette. Before you approach someone, make eye contact and exchange mutual smiles. If you fail to do this, you are being creepy by touching anyone! If they give you the friendly eye contact and inviting smile, then go briefly introduce yourself, ensure consent and enhance your dancing experience by gettin’ some action!

Here is your guide for who to see (best acts, hidden gems):

Bassnectar - This guy is more prepared and impressive than any other electronic producer. When he performed at Buku two years ago, I was blown away by the constant attention to detail in his music and the mind blowing coordination between his music and lights. An expert at introducing new rhythms and melodies in his songs to keep you engaged, Bassnectar's dynamic balance between headbanging bass and melodic release is refined. He is the opposite of amateur.

Rezz - Festivals like Buku are perfect for acts like Rezz. This female electronic producer has songs that obliterate your brainwaves by taking you into an electromagnetic world of organized chaos. I don’t usually listen to hardcore, heart pounding electronic, but with the sound system and crowd environment of Buku, acts like Rezz pop off and create an atmosphere unparalleled in the outside world. Even though Isaiah Rashad is performing at the same time as Rezz, I'm choosing her because her genre is more desirable for the late night time slot than the calm, thoughtful hip-hop of Isaiah.

Homeshake - If you're like me you get tired of electronic and rap at music festivals, and Homeshake is a great alternative. The former Mac Demarco band member hits the stage with his solo project at 5:15pm on Friday, so this will be the first act I see at Buku. I am stoked that Homeshake and MGMT are back to back and early in the day, perfect for a grounding and not-too-fucked-up beginning to a crazy weekend.

Buku is one of the biggest, most (least) memorable parties of the Tulane experience. The festival is absolutely lit, and both times I went have been fantastic. If you do it right and keep your mindset where you want it to be then you should have a jaw dropping time.